Serious Students, Serious Improvement, Seriously FUN

* Play all major and minor scales and tonic arpeggios
* Review key signatures
* Practice rhythm exercises
* Improve shifting
* Sight-read daily

Camp includes daily study of:

Posture, bow control, left hand facility, sight-reading skills, faster playing, position work, music theory, rhythm
study through reading, rhythmic dictation, rhythm in student’s body, mock auditions, strategies for stage fright, and improvisation.
Students work together in a positive environment with the highest quality of instruction.
There is no performance at the end of camp.
No preparation is required for camp; we teach everything the students play at each session.
Along the way we will learn about great performers, improve the overall level of playing, make new friends and unbelievably, have FUN!

Requirements and level: String players of any age.

Violin Level 1 – MUST be shifting. Can play some 3 octave scales up to 2 in a bow

Violin Level 2 – can play 3 octave scales

Viola and Cello – Must be shifting

Viola: We will be working on scales, arpeggios, sight-reading skills including de-coding key signatures, rhythm exercises, sight-reading drills and mock auditions.  
Level: Students must be shifting.

Cello: We will be working on sight-reading skills including de-coding key signatures, rhythm exercises, sight-reading drills, scales and mock auditions.
Level: Students must be shifting.

NEW: Improvisation class.  Being able to improvise will make musicians more rounded, and helps a lot with sight-reading. Fabulous teacher, Mari Carlson, from Minneapolis MN, is joining us and will be teaching the Improvisation class.

Tuition: $395.00 per student

Location:  Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, 15300 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring MD 20905

There is still space available for camp!  Looking forward to working with you!

Daily Schedule
9:00 - Gather and warm up
9:30 - Scales and technique
11:15 - Snack
11:30 - Sight-reading
12:30 - Lunch - Bring a sack lunch from home
1:00 - Rhythm work - dictation, counting, theory
2:00 – Improvisation
3:00 – Movement class
4:00 - Go home and practice

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellation requests must be received in writing one month before the start of camp. No refunds will be given on requests after this date. NO EXCEPTIONS.
There is a $50 cancellation fee.

Click here for camp packet

What Students are Saying:

"I had a lot of fun at camp! Who would have thought that scales camp would be fun?"
— Julia

"Playing ALL the major scales sounds kinda boring and lame, but when you do it with a group of kids, it's really great and helps your intonation alot. Camps should only be for students that want to learn, and want to improve. The select kids that came to this camp are great, and Mrs. Stewart works well with the students. The students learn to help each other."
— Olivia

"Could we have this every week?"
— Gwen

"I don't think it's coincidence that the year I went to Mrs. Stewart's audition camp was the year I finally got back into the competitive MCYO. How could it possibly be? All the hard work that I did there, the scales in the morning, sight reading drills and solo performances had a definite payoff. When I walked into the audition room, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I has already done this before! I think I learned more in those five days that I could have hoped to learn in a month of hard practice alone."
— Justine